Young Indonesian Composer Won Gold and Silver Awards in ˇThe 21st International Choral Festival CRO PATRIA 2017ˇ in Split, Croatia

A young-talented Indonesian composer, Ken Steven, has successfully won an international choral composition festival. He has successfully won gold and silver awards from ˇThe International Choral Festival CRO PATRIA 2017ˇ on 1-3 December 2017 in Split, Croatia. The Awarding Night for winner candidates was held on December 3, 2017 at the Croatian National Theatre, Split.

Two choral compositions entitled Credo and Lux Aeterna by Ken successfully reap jury´s praise and captivate the audience. Ken has successfully surpassed 5 other finalists who came from various countries. It is the first time that an Asian composer won the festival in the entire history of CRO Patria festival.

Ken's composition is performed by two choir groups from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Credo was performed by women´s choir group, Female Chamber Ensemble Pro Art from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lux Aeterna was performed by choir group Mešoviti hor AKUNDUS Sonja Marinkovic from Novi Sad, Serbia.

The International Choral Festival is an annual event organized by Glazbena Mladez Split (Music Youth Split). In this event, choral composers around the world have opportunity to compete their compositions which will get the jury's judgement and appreciation from the audience. The best compositions then performed by choir group finalists from Croatia or other countries.

The winning of Ken Steven in this festival is an acknowledgment of his skills as an international music composer. ​