Meeting of the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ambassador of People`s Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia

​​On 23rd October, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E Mr. Sjachroedin Zainal Pagaralam met with the Ambassador of People`s Republic of China to the Republic of Croatia, H.E Mr. Hu Zhaoming. This official meeting started with exchanged of views about bilateral relations between China and Indonesia and then continued with explanation of each bilateral relations with Croatia.

Ambassador Sjachroedin pointed out that Indonesia – China have cordial relationships in vast areas of cooperation, from economy and trade until social and cultural. Since the frist half of 2017 China became the third largest investor in Indonesia.

Regarding bilateral relations between Indonesia-Croatia, Ambassador Sjachroedin explained that Indonesia-Croatia have a stable relationship with highlights on education and cultural cooperations.

Ambassador Hu Zaoming responded that China considers Indonesia as a great and powerful country, therefore China planted big investments in Indonesia. He also explained that China-Croatia is currently celebrating the 25 years bilateral relations and is enjoying good relations.

In the end of meeting, Ambassador Sjachroedin expressed the desire to strengthen cooperation between Asian embassies in Croatia, in order to promote Asia`s economy and culture through “Asian Cultural Festival". Ambassador Hu Zaoming welcomed the idea, because it will be effective ways to promote culture, tourism, economy and trades of Asia.