The Indonesian Language Course Gathering in Yangon

The Indonesian Embassy in Yangon held a gathering for the participants of the Indonesian Language Course at the Indonesian Information and Cultural Center (PInKI) on 27 October 2018. PInKI reopens the Indonesian Language Course since 15 September 2018. The class is held every Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 – 12.00 A.M. Twenty five participants attended the gathering. They vary in age and background, from 16 to 66 years old, from students to entrepreneur, and different religious backgrounds. The gathering aims to increase the bond among all the participants, as well as between them and the Indonesian community.

The Indonesian Embassy saw the gathering as an opportunity to introduce Indonesian food as a way to get more familiar with Indonesia. A cooking demo of dadar gulung, an Indonesian dessert, was presented. The participants enthusiastically took part and taste the sweet dessert.  Afterwards, they enjoyed a luncheon consisting of steamed rice, barbeque chicken served with Indonesian sambal, salted fish cooked with green chilies, sayur asam, fried tempeh and salads. Indonesian snacks called jajan pasar were also served as desserts. Some of the participants mentioned there were similarities between Indonesian and Myanmar food and that they were pleased to join the event. ---Indonesian Embassy in Yangon