Indonesian Embassy's Kolintang Group Performed in Cape Town


?During Easter weekend, the Indonesian Embassy's Kolintang Group from Windhoek performed in Hermanus and Kampung Maccasar in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Kolintang Group was invited by the Indonesian Consulate General in Cape Town to perform as part of/to support "Indonesian Week" in Hermanus and "Kramat Macassar Festival" in Kampung Macassar, Cape Town, on 29 - 31 March, 2013.
The Kolintang Group performed twice at Village Square Waterfront in Hermanus, a seaside resort, an hour and half drive from Cape Town on 30 March 2013.
On 31 March 2013, they performed at Kampung Maccasar. The group sang Indonesian muslim songs to the delight of the Cape Malay audience. Some of the Cape Malay community are descendants of Syekh Yusuf, an Indonesian from the island of Sulawesi, who sailed to South Africa in 1693 and played a major role in establishing the Islamic community in Macassar, a suburb in Cape Town.
The Cape Malay community is an ethnic group originally from Maritime Southeast Asia, mostly Javanese from modern-day Indonesia, a Dutch colony for several centuries, and Dutch Malacca, which the Dutch held from 1641 - 1824. The community's earliest members were enslaved Javanese transported by the Dutch East India Company. They were followed by slaves from various other Southeast Asian regions, and political dissidents and Muslim religious leaders who opposed the Dutch presence in what is now Indonesia and were sent into exile.
Indonesian Embassy staff playing the kolintang are: Dyah Ariastuti, Asti Upiastirin, Bayu Januar Ispri Hartanto, Miranto Suwandi, Oky Indrawanto as well as Andreas Pitaya Parta (Staf of Indonesian Consulate General in Cape Town).(KBRI Windhoek)