Courtesy Visit to Mme. Joan Guriras


Tuesday, 11 December 2012, I had the pleasure of accompanying Mrs. Tri  Astuti Sumartono, the spouse of the Indonesian Ambassador to Namibia, on a  courtesy call to Madame Joan Gurriras, spouse of Theo Ben Gurirab who is the Speaker of Namibia's National Assembly.
We arrived at Madame Guriras' residence on Kastle Street, Luxury Hill, at 3 pm. The conversation centered on the Association of Diplomatic Spouses, as  Madame Joan Guriras once acted as the Patron of the ADS when Hon. Theo Ben Gurirab was Foreign Affairs Minister and Mrs. Sumartono is the current president of the ADS.
Madame Joan Guriras also shared some history of the ADS during Namibia's post independence period and invaluable suggestions as to fundraising activities.
Mrs.Tri Astuti Sumartono gained insight regarding the journey of the ADS,  and mentioned her regret on not coming to visit Madame Joan Guriras sooner.
Before ending the visit, Mrs. Tri Astuti Sumartono presented Madame Joan Guriras with a hand bag made with woven Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) cloth.
It was truly a memorable visit for me and Mrs.Tri Astuti Sumartono with the charming and elegant spouse of the Speaker for the National Assembly.
(Source: KBRI Windhoek/F. Pensosbud/Asti Upiastirin Ferreira)