The Association of Diplomatic Spouses (ADS) in Namibia visited children in the Pediatric ward of the Katutura State Hospital on Friday, 16 November 2012, from 10:00 am 12:00 am. The visit was part of the ADS end of year activity, said ADS President Tri Astuti Sumartono, and organized with the assistance of Manga Libita, Public Relations officer of Katutura State Hospital, Windhoek.

Winding up a year-long effort of fundraising, the ADS holds Christmas Parties for the children at Katutura State Hospital, the Oprah Creche (Katutura) and send Christmas gifts to children at Help the Helpless Kindergarten in Tsumeb.

Though the party was modest, members of the ADS brought a brief moment of happiness to the children who were ill and had to stay in hospital, she added.

The ADS brought a cake, cordial, sweets and Christmas gifts for the children in ward 7A and 8B. The Christmas Party was held in the Occupational Therapy department, on the ground floor of the hospital.

ADS members sang Christmas carols together with the children led by Anne Gitau (Kenya) and Anne Daugherty (USA) read stories. But the most awaited person was Santa Claus! Joao Almeida Pires (Portugal) did the honor of becoming Santa Claus. He worked tirelessly going up and down the wards giving gifts and bringing cheer to the sick children. Fadila Kara (Algeria) organized the distribution of the gifts assisted by Kathleen Murgor (Kenya), Bayu Hartanto and Oky Indrawanto (Indonesia), while other ADS members greeted and exchanged words of support to the parents of the children who were staying in hospital.

ADS members of different embassies and international organization under the United Nations worked hand in hand bringing happiness to 68 boys and 64 girls in the Pediatric ward.

At the end of the visit, Matron Claudia Kambonde, Head of the Pediatric Ward, thanked the ADS for their continued attention and support to the Pediatric ward of Katutura State Hospital.

She said that the Christmas party brought joy and uplifted the spirits of the sick children, bringing smiles all around.

Participating in the Christmas Party at Katutura State Hospital:

Amina Kaid-Slimane and Fadila Kara (Algeria), Moeth Moetheint (Burma), Nevine Ramadan (Egypt), Usha Krishna Kumar (India), Anne Gitau and Kathleen Murgor (Kenya), Masdiah Ariffen and Mazlina Halim (Malaysia), Bola Olorunfemi (Nigeria), Joao Almeida Pires (Portugal), Margaret Bandora (UNDP), Bonnie Wright (UNESCO), Clemence Byomuhangi (UNFPA), Courage Malati (Zambia) and Tri Astuti Sumartono, Erni Johan Yunus, Ivo Fauziah Hartono, Bayu Hartanto, Jaeni Aspuri and Oky Indrawanto (Indonesia). (Source: ADS President).