Remarks Forum Bisnis dan Launching Indonesian Promotion House


Welcoming Remarks by Ambassador H.E. Leonardus Widayatmo
at the Launching Ceremony of Indonesian Promotion House and
the Holding of Business Forum at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Windhoek, 17 November 2009


Master of Ceremony
CEO of Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Senior Government Officials
Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Invited Guests
Members of the Media
Ladies and Gentlemen
It is indeed an honor for me to welcome you to the important gathering this morning, and I am also delighted to congratulate the economic section on the formal launch of Indonesian Promotion House (IPH) or Rumah Promosi Indonesia  in our language at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.
I would like also to thank the Indonesian Promotion Center in Johannesberg, the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Indigenous People’s Business Forum, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Namibia, and all Namibian business stakeholders for their efforts in promoting economic-trade relations.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The establishment of IPH is simply meant to facilitate all Namibians, particularly the business community, who wish to do business with Indonesian. With an extensive Indonesian industry and commerce database and network in Indonesia, the IPH can help identify the right suppliers for them.
At the operational level, the IPH works with relevant Indonesian institutions among others the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in Jakarta, National Agency for Export Development, Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre in Johannesburg,  Investment Coordinating Board and individual companies across Indonesia. It is expected that the IPH will provide an opportunity for Namibian business community to obtain fruitful information of Indonesian’s business opportunities. In addition, the IPH will also work with Indonesian companies seeking to establish a presence in Namibia.
Please bear in mind that the establishment of IPH does not mean to replace our active participation in many trade affairs held across Namibia. Instead, they are complimentary to each other.
As all of you know, following the inauguration there will be a business forum. I am of the view that the forum is a good opportunity for all Namibian business community and Indonesian alike to exchange information about their business potentials. As mentioned earlier by the Master of Ceremony I apologize for the cancellation of the visit by several Indonesian entrepreneurs due to other sudden engagement that is equally important.
Although Namibia has only around 2 million people, I believe, will not be discouraging. As a prominent Indonesian businessman from a leading company said during his visit in Namibia a month ago that Namibia’s good and fully integrated infrastructures to the surrounding SADC countries like Angola, Botswana, Zambia and even country as far as Congo, can make this country as a  hub for business expansion. I think it will be very encouraging thing for Indonesian business people when thinking about Namibia. And the Indonesian Embassy will do its best in convincing all Indonesian business stakeholders that Namibia is worth doing business.
I am optimistic that with the political and economic stability in Namibia and Indonesia, the good business and trade relations that have existed between our two countries can be strengthened and increased in the future.
Thank you all for coming and sharing this very special event with us and I wish you the very best of luck this season.
I thank you.

Windhoek,  17 November 2009