RI Aid Arrives in Dominican Republic


Ricky Yudhistira , The Jakarta Post

Indonesia’s aid for Haiti and a delegation of 81 people have arrived in neighboring Dominican Republic on Wednesday evening after leaving from Honolulu.

The aid will be distributed by the UN to Haiti from the Dominican Republic, said Priyadi Kardono, head of information and data for the National Disaster Management Body.

“There is no information yet on when the aid can be brought to Haiti,” he said.

Indonesia has sent 30 ton of aid worth US$22 million to Haiti but cannot reach the county sooner than Feb. 7, the date of entry permit, because the local airport is already swamped with other flights carrying aid. The delegation then opted for sending the relief from the Dominican Republic.

Delegation head Lt. Col. Eko Margiyono said there was a possibility that only 10 people from the 81-strong delegation that could get into Haiti as access to the quake-devastated country was restricted.

“The rest of the team members may have to leave here and go back to Indonesia if they cannot get access to Haiti,” he said.

A team member said the humanitarian aid was left unloaded, with a hope the Haiti authorities would confirm an entry to the Indonesian team in the next few hours.

Access to Haiti has been difficult due to the poor capacity of the local airport, at a time when many people are reportedly dying in hospitals due to the lack to medical supplies.