Press Release The Government of the Republic of Indonesia on the Bombing Incidents in Jakarta


The Government of Indonesia strongly condemns the acts of terror that took place in Jakarta this morning, Friday, 17 July 2009. The innocent civilians have once again fallen victims of this murderous carnage.

The Government of Indonesia wishes to express its deepest condolences, sympathy and prayers to the victims and their families.

The tragic attacks posed an assault to democracy and freedom in Indonesia and to a nation that recently has just once again demonstrated their maturity in practicing democracy. The terror is directly aimed at damaging our strong economy and positive image, which for the past five years have been tremendously nurtured.

The Government of Indonesia remains steadfast in its commitment and vigilance against terrorism. Our fortitude in consolidating our democracy and bringing prosperity to our people will not be deterred by such cowardice acts.

We wish to express our highest appreciation for the sympathy and relentless support kindly offered by our friends and the international community.

The Government of Indonesia also wishes to assure its people and friends that the Indonesian security forces are working hard to find, investigate, and bring the perpetrators of these tragic attacks to justice.