Five Indonesians Found Safe in Quake-Torn Haiti


Ary Hermawan , The Jakarta Post
Two UN officials and three migrant workers from Indonesia have been found safe in Haiti, where thousands of people died after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rattled the Caribbean nation, the Foreign Ministry said Friday.

“We just received the information this morning that three Indonesians were found safe after being declared missing yesterday,” ministry’s spokesperson Teuku Faizasyah told reporters.

Endang Satriyani and Yogi Anggoro work for the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the poor and politically volatile country, while Ni Luh Made Juini, Ni Ketut Yasri Astiti and I Gusti Ayu Putu Sukerti are employees at the Caribe Hotel, which is reportedly among the few buildings that did not collapse during the cataclysmic earthquake.

Faizasyah said the information about the three migrant workers came from Endang, who met them on Dec. 25 last year. It was not clear if there were any other Indonesians there, he added.

Indonesia has no diplomatic relations with Haiti. Faizaysah, however, said the Indonesian government would send aid and 75 volunteers that include doctors to the country.