Lao Students Further Studies in Indonesia


The granting of scholarships by the governments of the Republic of Indonesia to Lao students shows the sound bilateral cooperation on human resources development between the two countries, said Indonesian Ambassador to Laos on Tuesday.


“The purpose of these scholarships is to give Laos graduates the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge, personal capacities and to have people-to-people contact” said Mr. Sutjiptohardjo Donokusumo.


He said the Scholarship program provides a good opportunity for participants to exchange ideas, information and knowledge with peers from other countries. “This program also promotes stronger cultural and educational cooperation, as well as enhancing better understanding between Indonesia and Lao”, Mr. Donokusumo said.


“We’ve granted scholarships to around 50 Lao students to study in Indonesia. Every year the government selects two or three young people as scholarship recipients”. Mr. Donokusumo said the program not only contributes to the development of human resources but is also significant for Laos in its quest for progress.


“We expect that the graduates will be able to contribute the development of Laos and raise the standard of living with knowledge and skills they gain from studying abroad”. Two Lao studnts will soon continue their studies at universities in Indonesia for three years, with accommodation, school fees and allowances paid for by the government of Indonesia.
This year’s scholarship winners were Mr. Tamchay Khayavong, who will take a master’s degree in economic development studies, and Mr. Phetpasong Khambounheuang who will study public administration. Mr. Tamchay said was delighted to receive a scholarship to study in Indonesia after applying for the program for two years. “I’m so happy to win this scholarships and thankful for the kindness of officials at the Embassy of Indonesia to Laos”.


Mr. Tamchay said the wanted to thank the officials for providing him suggestions and assistance on how to apply for the program as well as teaching him Indonesian.
He said he had applied for many scholarships and was very pleased to finally obtain one. “I’m studying economic development because I want to bring knowledge and skills in this field back to Laos to help with development efforts after I graduate,” Mr. Tamchay said.


A farewell ceremony for the two students was held on Tuesday evening at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Laos and attended by Director General of the Ministry of Education’s Department of Planning and International Cooperation, Mr. Sengsomphone Viravouth and other invited guests. (Thursday October 29, 2009, Page 2, Vientiane Times, written by Bounfaeng Phaymanivong)