PT Pindad (Persero) is Indonesian Government’s Enterprise in defense industry. It has various product, which ranges from ammunitions, weaponry as well as armored vehicles.

The company has long history in the country. Initially it came as a workshop for various guns in Surabaya, East Java, called “Weapon Workshop Constructie Winkel (CW)”, in 1808 under the Dutch Colonialist administration. Early 1920s the Dutch relocated all assets and technology to Bandung, West Java, and erected “Weapon Workshop Artillerrie Constructie Winkel (ACW)”. Most of the old buildings and landscape from this era can be found today which makes Pindad as unique heritage for the city of Bandung.

The company’s embarked into a new venture as Indonesia gained its independence in 1945, and five years later the Indonesian Army took over the company. Following various changes in the management and its corporate culture, in 1962 the new management introduced a newly identity and brand as ‘Army Defence Industry’ (Perindustrian Angkatan Darat). The wording of “Perindustrian Angkatan Darat” or PINDAD which, subsequently, became more popular as its brand of Indonesian defense industry in land system.

Indonesian government transformed the company into ‘limited liability company’ status that managed by Ministry of State Owned Enterprise in 1983. A new era began following the government decision to enhance its strategic defence system. Whereas for the naval and aerospace industry the government has its own state enterprises.

Nowadays, Pindad has two big compounds. In Bandung, Pindad has 66 hectare of complex that more focusing into weaponry, armored vehicles as well as other engineering and commercial machineries e.g. generator, deck machineries for vessel, railway systems and excavator. The other unit is located at Turen, Malang, and managing various small ammunition products, pyro technique and large caliber bombs.   

Pindad is very proactive to enhance its product development and business realm into global market by ways of creating innovative products and building strategic partnership with global industries such as BAE Systems, SAAB, Cockeriil/CMID, Rheinmetall, Thales and many others.

The effort has been recognized into some regions. For example, Pindad’s armored vehicle called Anoa has been deployed into United Nations Peace Keeping Missions in Sudan and Lebanon. The 5.56mm assault rifle series called “SS2” of Pindad is widely known in international military shooting competition such as “Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM)”, Brunei International Skill at Arms Meet (BISAM) and ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet (AARM) which led Indonesian Army won the 1st place with their SS2 series compare to other strong international brands in assault rifle.