Care For Padang


Indonesian Association of British Columbia to Organize Fundraising Night for Earthquake Victims in Padang and the Surrounding Areas. Indonesian Association of British Columbia called PERMAI-BC will hold a fundraising night to raise awareness and recovery fund responding to the deadly earthquake in Padang (West Sumatra), Indonesia, on September 30, 2009.
The event is titled “Care for Padang” and through this event PERMAI-BC aims to raise $15,000 or more to help people in Padang and the surrounding areas recover from the aftermath of the earthquake disaster. The event will be held on November 28, 2009, from 4:30 -8:00 PM at S.U.C.C.E.S.S. organization’s auditorium (The Choi Hall), located on 28 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R6.
Padang of West Sumatra was one of the early major contributors to the founding of Indonesian culture. The victims and their families deserve real supports from not only Indonesian-Canadian communities, but also Canadian people who care about humanity and cultural heritage. More than CAD$800 million is needed to replace the damage to public infrastructure, productive assets and private property. In addition, nearly 1200 people were killed and over 100,000 families are socially and economically affected by the earthquake disaster.
Having a mission to promote Indonesian arts and culture, PERMAI-BC’s fundraising event will present cultural performances from West Sumatra region, an inspiring cultural documentary and Indonesian ethnic food, along with raffle ticket drawing and silent auctions. Admission to this event is free and open to public, but attendees are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities.
All cash donation and net proceeds will be allocated through several trustworthy channels. Moreover, a small portion of the donation received will be part of joint donations from Indonesian-Canadian communities throughout Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver and be distributed in-person, by Indonesian-Canadian community representatives, at the impacted locations. The largest portion of the net proceeds will then be donated to Canadian Red Cross, Keuskupan Agung (Jakarta Archdiocese Office) and Dompet Kompas (Kompas Humanitarian Fund), a disaster management fund organized by Indonesia's major newspapers.
The non-profit organization is dedicated to unite Indonesian communities throughout British Columbia in order to promote the beauty of Indonesian arts and culture to the general public. It also participates in the cultivation of the roots of Indonesian culture using humanity as the underlying platform without any political, ethnic or religious boundaries. The organization was formed in 1995 by several key members of different backgrounds, such as Indonesian-born, Dutch-born as well as native Canadians, who had spent a significant amount of time in Indonesia experiencing the culture and heritage.