Welcoming Ceremony by the Indonesian Students in Vancouver

​​The Indonesian students in Vancouver convened a welcoming ceremony for new Indonesian students at the Polish Community Centre on 29 September 2012. The committee of the event consisted of a number of Indonesian students representing the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Langara College and Douglas College. More than 200 students attended the event. The program, which lasted for more than 5 hours, consisted of meet and greet, team building, quiz and networkings among students.

Consul General Bambang Hiendrasto addressed the forum by encouraging students to have a strong courage, motivation, and perseverance in pursuing highest academic achievements and in obtaining as much experience while studying aboard to contribute to making the betterment of Indonesian development in the future. On the consular service, the Consul for Protocol and Consular Services, Mr Sukaryono Pahlawanto made a presentation about the Indonesian Consulate facilitation in consular services including passport. The Indonesian Consulate also provides consular clinic on this occasion.

​​A world motor biker from Ride for Peace Indonesia, Mr Jeffrey Polnaja, who stopped by in Vancouver during his round-the-world trip, shared his experiences and inspired students' sense of nationalism and encouraged them to explore different environments and to keep on learning from the nature.