Premiere of Indonesian Movie "Nagasari"

Omnita Cultural Arts and Media convened a movie premiere "Nagasari" at Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver 10 November 2012. This film was produced by two young and talented Indonesian film directors, Christopher Hanno and Eduardus Pradipto and supported by members of Indonesian and Canadian communities. Most of them were university or college students. The premiere of “Nagasari” was screened twice on that day and received positive responses from the overwhelming audience.

The movie features the struggle of two sisters in helping their beloved father overcome his depression after the death of his dearly wife. Since their father's condition did not improved, they tried a new way that finally made their father smile again.

Consul General Bambang Hiendrasto in his remarks applauded the success in the making as well as completing “Nagasari” by the young generation of Indonesia in Vancouver. He was also hopeful that Canadians would get a deeper understanding about Indonesian culture and wisdom from watching “Nagasari” and in the end would contribute to strengthening Indonesian and Canadian people-to-people relations.​