Inspired by JAVA, a Concert for Indonesian Earthquake Relief


Javanese Master, Sutrisno Hartana and The Busy Island Gamelan Orchestra unite with a multi-cultural group of musicians, artists, and volunteers to present a concert in support of Indonesian Earthquake Relief.
Indonesia raises earthquake death toll to 1,115: Two major quakes struck off the coast of Padang, Sumatra September 30 and October 1, 2009 followed by heavy rains and landslides. Thousands of people have been left without shelter after the quake damaged about 20,000 buildings and destroyed at least 500 buildings in the coastal city of Padang, Sumatra. (CBC News Update Oct. 14, 2009)
Join us to help ease their suffering through the power of music and art.
Sutrisno Hartana is an internationally recognized artist and expert in traditional Gamelan music, wayang puppets, and Javanese dance. Victoria is honoured to have Mr. Hartana here while he pursues his PhD at the University of Victoria. He has described the ethereal qualities of Gamelan music as ‘the state between wakefulness and slumber.’ [For more information on all our artists refer to the BIO attachment.] The Busy Island Gamelan Orchestra, Victoria’s first gamelan orchestra, was initiated by Mr. Hartana and had its inaugural performance last summer at Luminara 2009.
Our special guests include the acclaimed Jon Miller Jazz Trio; Niel Golden on the celestial ‘hang’; Doug Hensley will play medieval lute and join The Daryâ Persian Music Ensemble; and Rob Hunter, Cree First Nations drummer.
Providing ambient projections, live video work, an animated collage of works by Pat Martin Bates, plus a smattering of puppets, is Tim Gosley & The Victoria Puppet Zone.
A Silent Auction has begun for ‘Blue Mandala,’ in ink and watercolour, by renowned artist Kristi Bridgeman. [see poster] It was recently exhibited at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria accompanying the Tibetan sand mandala.
The artist says, “I chose this one because the colours seemed to echo those of the gamelan performers and... the joy of creating... ” The starting bid was $300.00, with current bids at $400.00.
[Special thanks to the Indonesian Consulate General in Vancouver for the loan of the gamelan instruments.]
"All proceeds go directly to the Canadian Red Cross."
Sunday, December 6 @ 8 pm. Church of St. John the Divine, 1611 Quadra st, Victoria BC $20 & $12 (seniors, students & underemployed)
A "Three Worlds Institute of Puppets and Masks" presentation.