Golek Manis dan Legong Dance Fascinated the Students at the University of British Columbia

In March 17, 2016, around 30 students from the Class of Asia 304, Department of Asian Studies, UBC, had the opportunity to witness and study the Indonesian traditional art. Class of Asia 304 is an undergraduate studies at the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Art, UBC. The class is led by Professor Thomas Hunter, also teaches Sanskrit Class during winter session at the Department of Asian Studies.

In front of the whole class, a staff of Indonesian Consulate and an Indonesian student in Vancouver gave the performance of Golek Manis dance from Central Java and Legong dance from Bali. Apart from witnessing the two variety of traditional dances, the students at Class 304 also given the brief description on the ornament worn by the dancers as well as the underlying philosophies that relate to the gestures and motions performed in the dances.

During discussion session, the students in Class 304 expressed their enthusiasm as shown by their responses and questions surrounding the meaning of the accessories and motions displayed during the course of the dances.

At the last session, the dancers asked the students to follow some of the motions performed in the dances, which responded enthusiastically by the students.