Ref: 70/2012-PSB


The 38th Session of Council of Foreign Ministers in Astana, Kazakhstan in June 28th-29th, 2011 has adopted the Statute of the Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (IPHRC-OIC) and elected 18 members of the IPHRC-OIC.


Indonesia will host the “1st Session of IPHRC-OIC” which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from February 20th to 24th 2012.


All media representatives who are interested in covering the events must register using the prescribed Media Registration Form available at http://www.kemlu.go.id. Media Registration has been opened since February 8th to February 20th, 2012.


Here are some guidance for media accreditation/registration:

a.     How to Register:

1.     Download and complete the Media Registration Form and attach soft copies of the following documents:

-          Letter of assignments from the editor/executive of the media;

-          A from of identification – KTP for locals or passport for non-Indonesian citizens-that is valid for at least six months;

2.     Send the soft copies of the required documents the email address: iphrcoic_media@yahoo.com. Please note that incomplete and late registration will not be processed.

3.     An email notification will be sent to confirm the registration for successful media accreditation together with a unique ID number. Copy of confirmation letter and unique ID number must be printed out and showed to the Accreditation Centre, at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta Indonesia, for issuance of ID badge, on February 20th 2012 at 08.00 – 18.00 local time. ID must be worn at all times in a visible spot and will be required for entry into venues that are accessible to the Media.


b.   Visa Requirement:

Applicants who are not based in Indonesia are required to apply for a journalist visa at the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Representative Office. Please bring along a copy of the confirmation letter with the unique ID number when applying for the visa.


c.    Custom Clearance Requirement:

      The list of equipments that will be brought by applicants must be legalized by the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Representative Office for importation and exportation purpose.


d.     Accreditation Centre

Accreditation Centre will be located at Room Monas 5, Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta on February 20th, 2012.


Hours of operation : 08.00 – 18.00


Computers with internet access and WiFi will be available at the centre. First come first serve basis is applied for all media personnels who wish to use these facilities.


e.     Tentative Program and Other Information for Media

Tentative program for media and other information about the events will be released in due course at http://www.kemlu.go.id


f.      Accomodation and Travel Arrangement

Media representatives will be responsible for their own travel arrangements, reservation and payments of hotel/accommodation


g.     For further information about the summit, contact persons and numbers are available at http://www.kemlu.go.id.



Toronto, February 13th, 2012