Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen


Before starting my speech, allow me to invite all of us to give a “Minute of Silent” for the victims of the deadly earthquake that struck Padang Sumatra last Wednesday September 30, 2009, and caused casualty and debris.  


Thank you.


Let me at the outset to warmly welcome my distinguished guests present in today’s Indonesian Jewelry and Cultural Show. On behalf of the Indonesian Consulate and Indonesian delegates from Jakarta, I would like to thank, that amid the busy schedule you can still allocate time to join us today.


It is with a great appreciation for me to welcome Indonesian Jewelry exhibitor, Mutumanikam Nusantara (led by Mrs. Enny Cotan, spouse of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) and from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (led by Mrs. Sri Kuntari Sapta, spouse of Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism) to hold the second jewelry exhibition in Toronto today. Mutumanikam Nusantara is a non profit organization with the primary goal is to help small and medium size enterprise of Indonesia origin to grow through training program, advertising and marketing their products nationally and internationally.


As we all know that Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural resources accompanied with skilled human resources and artistic talents, that is why Mutumanikam Nusantara was introduced by the First Lady to help create more jobs opportunities as well as to contribute to the betterment of Indonesian economy through the jewelry industry.


The Indonesian arts flourish from our rich land. The Indonesian craftsmanship taken shape not only in metal, but also wood and stone. Not to mention in other different medium such as textile and ceramic. Indonesia is also blessed for its strategic position on the intersection of ancient global trade route that linked two major cultures of the world, India and China. Both cultures mix with traditional Indonesian culture, creates a combination that is unique and different to other designs in the world. I guarantee that you will find the uniqueness of Indonesian arts in making jewelries in today’s exhibition.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Today’s event is not only for Jewelry but also we have cultural performances. The performances are fashion show, dances and Sasando. In attracting Canadians visiting Indonesia, in this event, we would like to promote the beautifulness and uniqueness of Indonesia through the cultural performance. Indonesia is blessed with abundant of resources and natural assets. Our archipelago consists of more than 17,000 islands, with more than 200 different ethnic groups and cultures, creating a mosaic none to any other parts of the world. Therefore Indonesia is rich with ethnic cultures, fashion designs, songs and music that you can also see today. 


Against all that backdrops, The Consulate General of the Republic of the Indonesia is proudly co-host today’s gathering. It is my fervent belief that the discussion with the producers will give you more information about opportunities and how to do business with and in Indonesia – in a specific product such as jewelry which is now being exhibit here.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Without much further ado, let me now officially open the Indonesian Jewelry and Cultural Show 2009 in Toronto.


I thank you, indeed.