Sail Morotai 2012, Ready to Be Launch



Great event of Sail Morotai 2012 officially launched by Coordinator Minister of People Welfare, H.E Agung Laksono accompanied by Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, H.E Sharif Cicip Sutardjo and Governor of North Moluccas, H.E Thaib Armaiyn. On Minister of Marine and Fisheries Affairs’ speech explained that the launching was very important on dissemination of information about the international big event to public, either in domestic or international.


Morotai island namely Pearl on the edge of Pacific will addresses as moment to actualize of pacific gate spirit. On this opportunity, Sail Morotai took theme Forward to New Era on Economy at Pacific, symbolize with sailing boat written word sail morotai 2012 and the mascot is wallace’s standarwing (Semioptera wallacii) that endangered and protected species at North Moluccas province.


Sharif Cicip Sutardjo presented that the theme has a definite purpose that is nowadays and future economy is getting moved to Pacific region from Atlantic region. By the event of Sail Morotai 2012, Morotai regency is prepared to welcome new era, that is economy pacific era. Morotai island has a geo-politics potency and geo-economy and can be developed as development catalyst, especially North Moluccas province as the gate to competition of pacific shaft. Sharif expressed his wishes that Sail Morotai was not just success on the organization but success on the result too. Morotai also has marine and small island areas which potential develops as maritime industry area, integrated fisheries and historical and maritime tourism. Morotai has various fish resources, based on study at the marine potency, there are 160 economic fish species and 31 commercial fish species. By the number of fisheries potency estimated it will attain 148,473.8 ton/year and total of sustainable potential that can be took the advantage of 81,660.6 ton/year. While marie-culture sector, coastal and marine area of Morotai islands have tranquil water and enable to develop for marie-culture such as grouper, lobster, seaweed, and pearl. The abundant of nature resources potency expected it can be optimally managed to encourage local economy, and people welfare. Morotai has planned as a mega Minapolitan since 2009 was a commitment of MMAF toward Morotai island Development as economy gate at Pacific region. Sail event was a one of acceleration on realizes this big idea.


In addition potential maritime wealth, North Moluccas is famous with historical tourism destination, because it has history as World War II area. This island has a strategic location at Asia Pacific while geocentric location of Morotai islands are Mainland Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan, Pacific region, and Australia.


The management of Sail Morotai 2012 objected to place Morotai island as International tourism destination, specifically on the historical places. The course of events places on June – September 2012. In the other opportunity, this annually occasion has a great purpose, essentially the achievement object is advancing development on Morotai Island and expecting can influence people welfare improvement. Likes in previous event, sail Morotai expected could give an advantage for local communities, such as construction of infrastructure, tourism area development, and some of program that conducted by Ministries/institutions and local government. The event will hold at Ternate and Morotai, North Moluccas province on June – September 2012. Sail Morotai program is following up from Sail Indonesia program that held several years ago. Sail Indonesia name was getting change in line with World Ocean Conference (WOC) at Manado, North Sulawesi. The program packed in accordance with area trademark. Started with Sail Bunaken, Sail Banda, and last year was Sail Wakatobi – Belitung. Sail Morotai legitimated by publication of President Decree No. 4 of 2012 about National Organization Structure of Sail Morotai event. This year, Sail Morotai event is more various than previous event. The programs are Bhakti Kesra Nusantara, Bhakti Pelangi Nusantara Operation (Air Force Corps), Bhakti Kartika Jaya operation (Indonesia Army), own-stated Enterprise care for Morotai, Scientific expedition of research vessel and outer islands. While another programs are yacht rally, national and international seminar, maritime sports, inter-archipelagic maritime youth, culture festival and tourism attraction, small and medium enterprises product exhibition especially on marine and fisheries product. Much expectation comes from social program because it hopes can help community living. Another interesting programs also presented like yacht rally that targeted will follow by 120 participants from many countries. In 2012 the routes are from Davao, Philippines, Kinabalu, Malaysia and tour of 21 regencies in Indonesia. In the other time, the top of event held Daruba port Morotai on September 14th 2012. (Source: Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Republic of Indonesia)