RI to Facilitate Open University Students Abroad



Jakarta - The Foreign Affairs Ministry and Indonesia Open University will facilitate citizens abroad to get higher education through a long distance class system, an official said.

"The Foreign Affairs Ministry and Open University will sign the MoU next Feb 7," Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Michael Tene said here on Friday.

He said about 1,000 of a total of 650,000 Indonesians registered as student at the Open University were living abroad. They were scattered in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.

The Open University (Universitas Terbuka) is the 45th State University in Indonesia inaugurated on September 4, 1984, by virtue of Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 41 of 1984.

UT was established with the objective to provide expansive opportunity for Indonesian citizens and foreigners, wherever their place of residence, to attain higher education through long distance classes.

UT applies a distance and open learning system. The term distance means that learning is not performed face-to-face but makes use of media, whether print media (modules) or non-print (audio/video, computer/Internet, radio and television broadcasts). Open means there is no limitation as to age, year of graduation, period of study, registration time, and frequency of examinations. The only limitation applied is that UT students must have graduated from High School (SMA or equivalent).

UT students are expected to learn independently. This self-learning method means that a student learns on his/her own initiative. UT provides learning materials specifically designed for independent learning. Aside from using materials provided by UT, students can also take the initiative to make use of the library, take tutorials, whether face-to-face or through the Internet, use radio or television broadcasts, or use computer-assisted learning materials and audio/video programs. When faced with difficulty in learning, students can request for information or tutorial assistance to the local Learning Program Unit of the Distance Learning Open University (UPBJJ)Unit Program Belajar Jarak Jauh, unit pelaksana teknis UT di daerah -UT). (Source: Antara030212)