Canadian Envoy Praises Developments in Aceh



Banda Aceh, Aceh -- Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste Mackenzie Clugston expressed admiration and happy to see the rehabilitation and reconstruction in Aceh province following the tsunami six years ago.

"This is a very favorable development and progress and it is still possible to expand cooperation with the Canadian government," he said after meeting with Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf here Wednesday.

While the humanitarian aid program for Aceh from the Canadian people has ended, that country was still promoting and expanding cooperation with the Aceh administration in building the economy of the area.

During the humanitarian program, some 200 million US dollars had been contributed for the reconstruction of Aceh.

The Canadian ambassador said Banda Aceh had changed a great deal. It is cleaner, more beautiful, and many trees had grown. Road traffic has become very orderly as new roads had been built and opened.

In the meantime, Governor Irwandi Yusuf said Aceh is still providing an opportunity to foreign investors, especially in the agricultural industry.

"He also at the same time introduced himself as the new Canadian ambassador to Indonesia. He also invites the ambassador to see for himself the potentials in Aceh for investment," Irwandi Yusuf said. (Source: Antara100211)