The Concert of Two Gamelan Groups


On August 8, 2010, two gamelan groups namely Gong Sabrang and Sek Rat Nadi presented join concert in Harbourfront, Toronto. Gong Sabrang is a Javanese gamelan group whose members are mostly Canadian and has a routinely practice in the Indonesian Consulate in Toronto. Seka Rat Nadi is a Balinese gamelan group from University of Toronto whose members are also Canadian.

Harbourfront Centre is one of famous leisure destinations in Toronto, lying on the right side on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is the favourite place for Torontonians, especially during weekend in the summertime.

The concert which scheduled to be conducted on the open public area, Redpath Stage, was moved to the Lakeside Stage Building in anticipating of possible rainfall. Starting at 13.00 and ended at 14.00, the concert was attended by more than 100 local people.

In this concert, Gong Sabrang presented five pieces of Javanese traditional music: Gugur Gunung, Lancaran Pambuko, Wira Pertiwi, Ladrang Arum-arum, and dangdut style Aja Dipleroki. The first three songs were played in the beginning of the concert and the other two in the end. Seka Rat Nadi, meanwhile, fulfill in the middle of the performance by presenting five pieces of Balinese music called: Seketi, Cecek Megeluk, Buris Rawa, Silih Asih, and Angkatan.

(Source: Indonesian Consulate)