Paper Cups and Indonesian Traditional Food/Beverages Explored Canadian Market


The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Toronto on March 7th – 9th 2010,  had sponsored Indonesian entrepreneurs participting at Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, , at Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Canada. The Consulate involved three Indonesian businessmen owned companies to participate: JS Tunggal Group/Glopac, Cikarang (Indonesia), Fresh Grace Food International and Muncul Blessing Canada Ltd (Canada).


Glopac is a heat-proof paper cup manufacturer and JS Tunggal Group is its distributor for Canadian market. Its product, made of Indonesian paper cups, got positive responses from visitors. It can be concluded from the meeting with visitors that Canadian market is very prospective for these products. For example: a cafe in Toronto which is recently considered as “the best cafe” has chosen paper cups since last year; and the paper cup has been used by cafes in Toronto under the name “What a Bagel”, as well.


Fresh Grace Food International showed Indonesian food products, such as: kripik melinjo (melinjo crackers), kripik singkong (cassava crackers), palm sugar, sambal (hot chilli sauce), manisan sirsak (soursoup sweet snack), etc. Visitors were attracted by Indonesian snacks, even some restaurants have said to be impressed and wished to include Indonesian snacks and Indonesian bumbu (spices) in their menu. There was also a negotiation between a Toronto packaging company about buying the hot-sweet kripik melinjo in bulky party to be packed and distributed it to the hotels in Greater Toronto Area.


Muncul Blessing Canada Ltd promoted herbal beverages of Indonesia such as: Kuku Bima, ESTE EMJE (blended milk-egg-honey-ginger beverage), jamu Tolak Angin (Tolak Angin herbs), permen Jahe Wangi (Ginger candy). PT Sido Muncul Indonesia, the leading herbal food manufacturer in Indonesia, has assigned Muncul Blessing as its sole distributor in Canada. CRFA put a “new product” label on these items.


During the exhibition, Sido Muncul products, especially ESTE EMJE, seemed to pull visitors’ interest. Some of retailers and restaurant owners has expressed their interest in either distributing or selling the commodities.


According to Economic Affairs Coordinator, Harlan Hakim, CRFA is a very good arena to promote Indonesian special foods and beverages and it can be considered as “brand recognition” of Indonesian new products. As a whole, the participants of CRFA felt so satisfied by the result they got from the exhibition.

(Source: Economic Affairs of Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia Toronto)