North Sumatra's Businessmen Should Capitalize on Canadian Market: Foreign Ministry

​Medan, N Sumatra - The Foreign Ministry has urged North Sumatra`s businessmen to benefit from the Canadian market by participating in the Indonesia Festival in Ottawa on May 22-25.

"To start marketing products in Canada, (the businessmen) can participate in the Indonesia Festival in Ottawa from May 22 to 25," Andriana Supandy, a functional diplomatic official of the ministry`s directorate general of American and European affairs, stated here on Tuesday.

Canada offers a potential market as it has a high per capita income, easy licensing regulations, and good investment security, she pointed out.

Andriana noted that Canada, with a 35.8 million population and a national gross domestic product of US$1.7 trillion, is one of the world`s 10 richest countries.

North Sumatra has commodities with high potential, which can enter the Canadian market. The commodities include those produced by small and medium handicraft industries and medium and large companies, she remarked.

Based on the results of a meeting between the governments of the two countries, Canada is prepared to offer training to Indonesian businessmen, particularly with regard to planning and budgeting, to create good entrepreneurs, she revealed.

"Hence, we must benefit from the facilities offered by Canada," she affirmed.

At the festival, the Indonesian government will set up 40 kiosks to promote a wide range of Indonesian products. (Source: Antara20042016)