Flag Raising Ceremony In Commemorating of the 65th of Indonesian Independence Day


Toronto – In commemorating of the 65th of Indonesian Independence Day, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Toronto held a flag raising ceremony on August 17th, 2010 at the Consul General’s residence. The ceremony started at 10.00 o’clock and attended by approximately 200 Indonesian and local people living in Toronto.


In his speech, Acting Consul General, Mr. Harlan Hakim, delivered his message as follows:


  1. The achievement of the Government of Indonesia during reform process periode;
  2. Encouraging Indonesian community in Toronto to participate in the second phase of reformation process to gain its goals;
  3. Expressing thanks to Indonesian Communities in Toronto who were in the latest 2 recent years have made a unity among themselves through inter organizations cooperation.
  4. Supporting the creation of Indonesian Committee which will be as a meant to give more contribution to the Indonesian development  


In the evening at 19.50 on the same place, around 60 Indonesian Communities also participated in a flag lowering ceremony as closing of the event.