Batam Offers Canada Cooperation in Small and Medium Enterprises

​Batam, Riau Islands Province - The city administration of Batam, Riau Islands Province, has offered cooperation for developing small and medium enterprises to the Canadian government and businessmen represented by visiting Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste Donald Bobiash.

"In future, if Mr Ambassador reaches a decision, we are ready to welcome any investment. You could directly invest here. So, the people of Batam would benefit instantly. This will hold true especially for residents from the lower middle class and the small and medium enterprises sector; they need it," Mayor of Batam Muhammad Rudi stated here on Friday.

According to Rudi, Batam's small and medium enterprises have excellent capacity, and the products being manufactured also have the potential to be developed.

Deputy Mayor of Batam Amsakar Achmad remarked that besides the manufacturing and shipbuilding sectors, the city also had several textile industries, which could be improved.

The textile industries in Batam produce sportswear. However, the quantity of production is not too high.

"There is production, but its volume is not large. They are mostly products related to the manufacturing and shipyard industries," Amsakar noted.

Ambassador Bobiash stated that the Indonesian and Canadian governments were implementing cooperation in developing small and medium enterprises.

"Canada has expressed its seriousness to assist Indonesia in increasing trade cooperation," stated Bobiash who has served for three years as Canadian ambassador to Indonesia.

Bobiash lauded the growth of industries in Indonesia, especially the textile industry, as it could make inrounds into the world market.

"Before coming to Indonesia three years ago as an ambassador, I bought clothes in Canada, but the funny part was that they were made in Indonesia," he stated.

The ambassador is also exploring investment opportunities in Batam after the government revised the city's status as a Free Trade and Port Area and a Special Economic Zone.

Indonesia has now become a promising country for Canadian entrepreneurs. Several Canadian products, such as wheat and Blackberry, are exported to Indonesia. (Source: Antara30042016)