Remarks of the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia at Reception to Celebrate the 67th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia



The Honorable members of the Officials of the Province of Ontario, Consul Generals, members of Diplomatic Corps in Toronto, Distinguished Guests,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Allow me fIrst of all to welcome you in this special evening at this very modest building, the premises of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia. On behalf of the Government and the people of Indonesia, I would like to extend my deep and sincere appreciation for your presence here. Indeed, it is an honor for me to have you all here, despite your busy schedule, to attend this very special occasion.


We gather here tonight to celebrate the 67th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. Since its declaration of independence 67 years ago, as a member of the global community of nations, Indonesia continue to strive to undergo national developments aimed at achieving its national objectives. Two of some important national objectives as stipulated in the Preamble to the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia are: (1) to achieve social justice for all the people of Indonesia; (2) to participate toward the establishment of a world order based on freedom, perpetual peace and social justice.


Along the way, we the Indonesian people, are fully aware that in achieving that goals we have experienced some challenges and even, at some point, failures. However, we continue to strive in whatever circumstances. It is worth to note that Indonesia has been enduring crises after crises. All praise is (due) to Allah, Lord of the Universe. After surviving a multidimensional crises in 1997, in the last 15 years Indonesian people have been able to navigate themselves to escape the stormy years. Today, with a sustainable democratic political system and reasonable economic growth, supported by abundant natural resources as well as a huge productive demographic landscape, Indonesia is in a position to strive further and plan to transform itself into a prosperous and developed nation in the year 2025.


While continuing to strive for the prosperous nation, as a member of the global community of nations, Indonesia will always bear in mind of its shared global responsibility. We the Indonesian people oblige ourselves to participate and to contribute toward the establishment of a world order based on freedom, perpetual peace and social justice. Indeed it is expected that the positive circumstances which are currently prevailing in Indonesia could enhance the Indonesia's capacity to do so. In this connection, it is relevant to note that in various occasions, the President of the Republic of Indonesia gave a foreign policy directive signaling to build friendship with all nations. Such directive could be observed in a phrase such as "thousands friends and zero enemy". It is within such a spirit that Indonesia will navigate themselves in the global community of Nations.

Ladies and Gentlemen


I am pleased to share that in this very year, Indonesia and Canada are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries. Indeed, Indonesia and Canada have a long standing tradition of cooperation and collaboration. It could be noted that Canada, through General Andrew George McNaughton who was then the President of the United Nations' Security Council, contributed a significant impact to the journey of newly independent nation, Indonesia. It was indeed the "Canadian Proposal" that eventually led to the wider international recognition of Indonesia's sovereignty in 1949.


In the following years, on October 1952, Indonesia and Canada established diplomatic relations. Since then, the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Canada has continued to grow. The bilateral consultation between the two countries has been held on a regular basis. The recent visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, His Excellency Mr. Marty M. Natalegawa to Ottawa on 22-23 August 2012, has certainly further enhanced the cordial relations existing between Indonesia and Canada.


Ladies and Gentlemen


On the substance, the bilateral relations has been substantiated by the growing trade and economic transaction activities. In the last three years, the data of the trade and economic relations of the two countries showed a positive trajectory. However, there are still huge potentials to be further explored. I have a very reasonable conviction that such relationship could be further enhanced and developed in the future. In this regard, the Consulate General of Indonesia in Toronto, in coordination with other Indonesian representatives in Canada, will make every endeavor to substantiate the cordial relations existing between Indonesia and Canada.


This very reception is indeed a special occasion aimed at nurturing friendship among us. Therefore, once again, it is an honor for me to be with you at this very special event. In such a happy occasion, we could share happiness and at the same time could enhance and nurture our common understandings.


Tonight, we will present to you some Indonesian traditional dances and cuisines. These will represent the most sincere greetings from myself, from the Indonesian Government, and from the Indonesian people. It is my wish that this event will lead to even closer relations in the future.


Ladies and Gentlemen


I wish you every success and have a great evening


Thank you,

Toronto, August 29, 2012


Julang Pujianto

Consul General