The establishment of diplomatic relations between the Goverment of the Republic of Indonesia and the Goverment of Canada began in the early of 1953 with the opening of the Indonesina Embassy in Ottawa and the appointment of its first Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Ali Sastroamidjojo.

The Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Toronto was officially opened on the first of December 1982 at Bay Street, with its first Consul was Mr. Sutedja Kartawidjaja, MA. In April 1983 the Consulate premises was moved to 425 University Avenue.

The function of the Consulate was upgraded to a Consulate General in 1993 with its first Consul General was Mr. Bas Soetarto , MA . In the following year, March 1994, the premises of the Consulate General of Indonesia was moved to its own building at current address 129 Jarvis Street , Toronto-Ontario M5C 2H6 .

The Consulate General building at Jarvis Street has two stories. The first story consist of several rooms functioning as Consular Service Room, Multifunction Room, Library and Language Room. The second story consist of several room functioning as Staff Room, Meeting Room, Storage and another Multifunction Room.

Under coordination of the Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa, Consulat General of the Republic of Indonesia in Toronto has its acreditation area covering of tree provincies of Canada namely Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.




Mr. Sutedja Kartawidjaja, MA - Consul (1982 to 1985)



Mr. Edward M. Ruru - Consul (1985 to 1988)



Mr. I. Isnaedi - Consul (1989 to 1992)



Mr. Bas Soetarto, MA - Consul General (1993 to 1996)



Mrs. Titiek Suyono - Consul General (1996 to 1999)



Mr. Taufik Effendi - Consul General (2000 to 2003)



Mr. T. Soeharso Boedi Joewono - Consul General (2004 to 2007)



Mr. Bambang Cahyo Gunawan - Consul General (2007 to 2010)