Sambutan Duta Besar Muhammad Lutfi pada Jamuan Gubernur Prefektur Nara, 7 October 2010 di Kota Nara Nara


The Honorable Shogo Arai, Governor of Nara Prefecture,

The Honorable Governors,

Distinguished Members of the East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me first of all, on behalf of The Indonesian Embassy and my wife, express our gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality accorded to us since our arrival in this historic city of Nara. This is my first visit to Nara as the Ambassador of Indonesia to Japan, and I am privileged to have received your invitation, Dear Governor Arai, to this wonderful banquet.

Here we have also The Honorable Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X of Yogyakarta, a man I admire and look up to. Yogyakarta is also a historic province and was once a great kingdom that Indonesians are proud of. It is my honor to meet you here, Sir, and I am thrilled that the length of your wisdom reaches here.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This year, Nara celebrates the 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital. This is a celebration of the establishment of modern Japan, when society came together to build systems, buildings, markets, and welcomed foreigners as “friends”. Thus, this is a celebration of friendship, to which Nara has successfully shown to millions of visitors each year.

Through the values of friendship, this is also a celebration of partnership and cooperation. We have engaged in countless ventures, Indonesia and Nara in particular, be it in economic, social, cultural and other strategic fields. Nevertheless, taken into mind all the opportunities lay ahead, may I take this opportunity to ask for your good offices, Dear Governor Arai, to continue supporting the cooperation between Indonesia and Japan.

I have no doubt that, in the future, our strengthened partnership will be fruitful and mutually beneficial.

Again, congratulations for this Anniversary.

Thank you.


Muhammad Lutfi