Pesan Tertulis Duta Besar Muhammad Lutfi pada Katalog ‘The Photographic Society of Japan’, 19 April 2011


Photography is a universal artform that crosses borders and translates into any language. It shows us the beauty of the world we live in, and it records the successes and struggles of our everyday lives so that we may always have a reminder of who we are, and so that future generations may come to know who we were. In our modern digital world however, we are so surrounded by images that it is all too easy to take them for granted, and for this reason I would like to congratulate the Photographic Society of Japan for their ongoing efforts to remind us of the importance of photography and to highlight the achievements of those currently working in this field.

I am also pleased to see Indonesia as the focus for Photographers in Asia 2011. Visitors to this exhibition will have the chance to gain a better understanding of Indonesia and, I hope, gain insight to its cultures, its passions, and the everyday lives of the Indonesian people. I also hope that it may inspire some to visit Indonesia and experience for themselves the incredible diversity of our archipelago.

I would like to congratulate all of the photographers whose works are displayed in this exhibition and urge them to continue to share their vision of the world around us. I would also like to once again congratulate the Photographic Society of Japan for making this exhibition possible; it is through such events that we learn more about our environment and our neighbours and in this way we can come to a greater understanding of one another, and build ties of friendship and cooperation. Friendship and cooperation have been key pillars of Japan – Indonesia relations for more than half a century now, and I hope and trust that we will continue to support and improve these warm relations well into the future.

I am sure that all visitors to this exhibition will leave with fond memories and a new-found appreciation for our world and the artisits who seek to record it, and for this reason I am sure it will prove a great success. Thank you.


Muhammad Lutfi