Tanimbar Weaving Get Introduced to Japanese Public

Japanese buyers, Tokyo diplomatic community and Indonesian traditional fabric connoisseurs packed the Indonesian Embassy lobby today (06/04) for Tanimbar weaving fashion show designed by Indonesian designer Wignyo Rahadi.

Inspired by Japanese traditional clothing, Rahadi adopted kimono, hakama dan obi in his designs he aptly named “Metamorphoseast”. The design uses the Ulerati pattern of Tanimbar weaving with delicate long lines in elegant colors of silver and grey.

Tanimbar weaving is produced by craftswomen in Western Southeast Maluku Regency. PT INPEX has been collaborating with designer Wignyo Rahadi since 2015 to revive the Tanimbar local tradition through trainings to develop Tanimbar weaving to be more marketable and suitable as fashion product.

The Tanimbar weaving is now gaining more popularity in Indonesia and can be found in Indonesian market as ready-to-wear products. The weaving has been chosen as one of the uniforms by President Joko Widodo and his cabinet.​