Ambassador Lutfi Invite Student to Promote Indonesia


Ambassador to Japan Muhammad Lutfi took the Indonesian students in Japan to really think about the progress of Indonesia. It was announced by Ambassador Lutfi and at the opening ceremony and as guest speaker on the talk show titled "Japan's PPI Strategy to the Future and Ideal Organizational Forms for Student Organizations Abroad".

"I invite you to become a student who is concerned with the events and the latest news on Japan. The present relationship between the two countries especially in the economic field are on the rise, and you as an intellectual Indonesia in Japan who knew about the Japanese, should be able to take advantage of this opportunity to increase the selling value of industrial output Indonesia so our country can become the world's seven richest countries in 2030 and four in 2050 ", said Ambassador Lutfi.

Indonesian students in Japan are holding Congress of Indonesian Students Association (PPI) that starts in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture (4/8). Congress aims to evaluate the activity, the revised statutes of the organization, review the organization's strategy in 2013 and to select a new Chairman of the PPI Japan. In a talk show, Ambassador Lutfi shared the experience in the management of student organizations abroad, when he chaired Permias in the United States. "My experience in America was different from your experience in Japan, but the goals of the organization are similar that is how a student organization could provide benefits for the country ", he said.

Talk show followed by a question and answer session. In this session, the participants discussed the ideal form of Japanese PPI organization and management tips student organization in Indonesia. Ambassador Lutfi suggested that PPI determine the direction of the organization to make its members wealthy, intelligent and wise. Mr Lutfi further reminded that the moments of history in Indonesia, either on 1908, 1928, 1945, 1966, and 1997 is determined by the youth.

Talk show closed with Ambassador Lutfi’s appeal to PPI members to be hero who will create wealth, intelligence and wisdom to Indonesia as well as the iconic leader of Indonesia.