4 Indonesian fishermen rescued and 1 missing after two ships collided in Japan


Around 2AM Monday morning (9/24), FV Horiei Maru from Japan and MV Nikkei Tiger from Panama collided in Pacific waters, approximately 320 miles northeast of Honshu, Japan. FV Horiei Maru is a 119-ton fishing vessel, and MV Nikkei Tiger is a 25,000-ton cargo ship.

13 crews of fishing boat were declared missing. Before the incident, FV. HORIEI MARU was anchored offcoast Ishinomaki, Prefecture Miyagi. It has 22 crew on board, with 17 Japanese and 5 Indonesians. Those five Indonesians are trainee workers/fishermen, known in Japan as 'kenshusei'.

By Monday afternoon, Japan Coast Guard reported that five Japanese crew on fishing vessel were rescued, along with four Indonesians: Heri Hariyanto, Yudi Prasetyo Hartoyo, Syarifudin, and Abdul Munir. Meanwhile, one Indonesian fisherman, Ardianto, is still missing. The Coastguard is still undergoing the search process.

Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo is in close contact with Japan Seaman Union for the latest updates and news regarding those Indonesian fishermen.

(KBRI Tokyo/hub)