Seminar Infrastruktur Indonesia


The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in The Hague, in cooperation with FME-CWM (Netherlands’ association for the technological industry), Delft University of Technology, and Indonesia Nederland Society, will organize “Indonesia’s Infrastructure Forum” to be held on Tuesday, 4 December 2012 in Crown Plaza Hotel Den Haag - Promenade.

Considering the Netherlands as one of the important partners for Indonesian investment and posing comparative advantages particularly in terms of transportation and logistics, the forum will serve as a unique avenue to discuss an overview of the infrastructure development in Indonesia and common business interest and opportunities between Indonesia and the Netherlands as well as to explore ways to utilize the maximum potential of investment related activities of both Indonesia and the Netherlands particularly in the field of infrastructure in the form of investment clinic session.

Two Indonesian prominent public figures will play a role as a Keynote Speakers namely: the Vice Minister for Transportation and the Vice Minister for Trade. A number of participating panellists in the forum are among others, CEOs from Angkasa Pura, PELINDO, Port of Rotterdam, and Schiphol Airport. An approximate number of 60 participants from various CEOs, entrepreneurs/businessmen, and government officials both in Indonesia and the Netherlands will attend the Forum.

Before the conclusion of the Forum, an outcome paper will be produced that will serve as a policy recommendation to the Indonesian Government in sustaining the infrastructure development particularly in the field of transport and logistics.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Den Haag, November 2012