Information on Mt. Merapi Disaster in Yogyakarta


Mt. Merapi in Indonesia started erupting on 20 October 2010 and reached its peak on 5 November 2010 which caused hundreds of victims and destroyed everything with in the radius of 10 km from the peak of Mt. Merapi. Hot could also expanded up to 15 km from its peak, making the safe zone expanded to 20 km radius from the peak. As of 15 November 2010, the activity of Mt. Merapi is still highly active with its Level 4 alert status. There are still possibility of secondary hazard as lava sediment is found on all rivers which upstream from Mt. Merapi. It is highly not recommended for anyone to conduct any activity along those rivers. Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics Agency have recommended that the save zone from the Mt. Merapi is still with in the radius of 20 km in Sleman, 15 km in Magelang, and 10 km in Boyolali and Klaten. Because of the shifting safe zone, there have been movement of refugee and The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) will keep monitoring them and it is advised that women, children and the elderly to stay in the refugee camp. BPNB will also establish a trauma healing activity for kids and psychological services considering the duration of stay at the camp. Early warning systems are also installed at all rivers which upstream from Mt. Merapi. The government of Indonesia will compensate all houses and farms that have been damaged or destroyed from the Mt. Merapi disaster ranging from 1 – 15 million Rupiah, depending on the damage of the house. Damaged infrastructure such as roads, bridges, schools will also be restored by the Government. The death toll from Mt. Merapi disaster has reached up to 259 people, 511 people are being treated, with 365.089 refugee and 639 refugee camps. Several countries have also sent aid to support the victims, such as vulcanologist experts from United States and Japan, pulomonologist from Japan, supply of basic needs worth 1 billion Rupiah from Malaysia and thousands of sandals, pillows and blankets from Chinese Taipei. The condition of Mt. Merapi on 19 November 2010 is still clouded with heavy fog and visual watch to the peak of Mt. Merapi is still difficult. Although the status of Mt. Merapi is relatively stable but we still have to be alert. The final phase of the eruption in Mt. Merapi has not yet happened. As observed by experts, despite the Mt. Merapi has now settled, there is still possibility of another explosion. The Indonesian government has not decided whether the disaster has ended.