Tourist Visa

1. Nationals of countries not included in the list of the 8 countries that are eligible for Visa-Free visits for tourists, must have a visa to enter Indonesia and should submit their application accordingly.
2. Nationals of fifty two countries can either get Visa On Arrival (VOA) upon arrival in Indonesia or apply for the tourist visa at the Indonesian Embassy in the country of residence (Not for Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan citizens).
3. Visa On Arrival is issued for a maximum length of 30 (thirty) days and non-extendable/non-transferable.
4. Visa is issued within three working days from receipt of application providing all documents are in order.
5. Type of entry: Single Entry only.

Required documents which should be submitted are as follow:

1. Passport (with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia) with blank pages to affix the visa sticker.
2. One visa application form completed and submitted through Embassy’s web site
3. One colour passport size photograph.
4. Copy of passport.
5. Round trip flight-booking confirmation.
6. Confirmation of hotel Reservation.
7. Statement Letter from the applicant’s employer, explaining the applicant’s obligation to return to his/her country of residence when the period of visit in Indonesia ends. If the applicant is not employed it is necessary to provide evidence of the applicant’s sufficient funds to cover the cost of intended stay in Indonesia (Recent Bank Statement and/or Proof of Income).
8. In case if the applicant is applying for visa through travel agency it is necessary to provide guarantee letter from such travel agency.

The Fee for a visit of up to sixty days is US$ 50, which must be paid in US$ cash only.

Direct  Line  : 998712320238