Press Release on Situation in Jakarta


JAKARTA, 14 JANUARY 2016: At around 10.50 am this morning, a suicide bomber

exploded in a cafe at the crossroad of Thamrin Road, Central Jakarta, which was followed by
two further explosions within the vicinity of the crossroad. Following this, shots were fired
between the terrorists and the Indonesian Police forces.
Within half an hour after the first incident, the police were able take control over situation
and by 3.00 pm the situation in the area was brought to normal.
During the police operation, all five terrorists were killed.
The incident claimed the lives of two civilians, including one foreign national (Canadian).
There were also 19 civilians injured including 4 foreign nationals (Algerian, Austrian, Dutch
and German). Five Police officers were also injured during their efforts to contain the
All businesses and premises within the vicinity of the incident are expected to be fully
operational and return to normal by tomorrow (15 January 2016).
The Government of the Republic of Indonesia condemns this heinous act of terror that has
claimed the lives of innocent civilians and expresses its deepest condolences and sympathy
for the bereaved families and victims.
The Government of the Republic of Indonesia remains highly committed to combatting
terrorism and will continue to take every effort to ensure the safety and security for all its
citizens and foreign nationals in Indonesia. Moreover, the Government of the Republic of
Indonesia encourages all citizens and foreign nationals to remain calm and continue with its
daily activities.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)