Osh region Conducive for Cooperation with Indonesia


As part of working visit to the Osh region, on July 22, 2013 Indonesian Ambassador for Kyrgyzstan H.E. Mohamad Asruchin has met Head of Plenipotentiary Representative in the South of Kyrgyzstan, Mr.. Daniar B. Sydykov to discuss the improvement of relations between Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan in various fields as well as the monitoring of security-related political situation in Osh, after the riots of 2010. On the same day the Ambassador also met with Osh  Deputy Mayor for Foreign Relations Affairs, H.E. Salkynbek Tashabaev.


When meeting Mr. Sydykov said that the good relations between the two countries are  currently heading a new stage. He hoped the visit is not only directed at the Central Government level but also with regional level such as Osh Province. Osh region are now carrying out development in all sectors and areas of cooperation with various parties from other countries. Osh society area also determined to forget and leave the bad memories and instead continue to move forward.


Meanwhile, Mr Tashabaev said that Osh regional authorities in coordination with the Central Government held cultural performances on the centers of conflicto right after the conflict broke out. The cultural performances held together by feuding, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks turned out to be the most effective way for reuniting the two groups in an uniting atmosphere. He called the group that sparked perisitwa 2010 as a 'separatist', the people who resided in the Osh region but wanted to spark enmity between the two ethnic groups. As a result of the conflict, many aggrieved for both material and non-material loss, and therefore the current authorities are conducting compensation program for victims of the riots.


The Indonesian Ambassador expressed gratitude for the reception and said that the visit to the Osh had been planned since long ago but can only be made possible currently for a number of matters including inter-ethnic rioting in Osh in June 2010. He hoped that the situation in Osh already improving and back to normal as before so that all parties can re-run partnership with all partners including Indonesia. The Ambassador expressed the relationship between the two countries could be further enhanced through real opportunities for cooperation in the field of economic-trade and socio-cultural sphere.


Given the successful conduct of the performing arts culture in Bishkek as the result of collaboration bewteen the Kyrgyz Government and the Indonesian Embassy on April 27, 2013, Ambassador Asruchin expressed intentions to hold similar events in Osh. He also extended an invitation for participation in the 28th Trade Expo Indonesia in Jakarta on 16-20 October 2013. Acknowledging that the trade economic progress in Osh region already seem significant, participation in TEI would furhter be beneficial trade-economic cooperation and opportunities even further. The Ambassador also stressed on the assessment plan of cooperation with Osh State University with partners from Indonesia. (Source : Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent).