OIC Agree to Establish Contact Group on Peace and Conflict Resolution

The Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has passed the resolution establishing the Contact Group on Peace and Conflict Resolution (CG-PCR) on the second day of the 43rd OIC Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (19/10).

The is a proposal by RI President Joko Widodo which was previously put forward during the Informal Gathering on Strengthening Solidarity and Cooperation in the Islamic World, 22 April 2015, on the sidelines of the 60th Asia-Africa Conference in Jakarta, 19-24 April 2015.

The establishment of the CG-PCR was the first to be done at the initiative of the OIC member-states. Prior to this, all contact groups were established on the initiative and proposal of the OIC secretariat.

In particular, the CG-PCR can hopefully be utilized by the OIC states in creating common strategies to face issues such as combating radicalism, extremism, and terrorism. In addition, through the CG-PCR, the OIC can hopefully provide and look for solutions to conflicts faced by OIC countries whether they are intra-state or interstate in nature.

The establishment of the CG-PCR was done through a long discussion process. Indonesia convinced 55 other OIC members that the CG-PCR not only will provide a forum for sharing experiences and strategies on various political and security issues in the Islamic world, but can also provide input for functional and action-oriented solutions. "CG-PCR needs to be utilized as a forum to share experiences, strategies, as well as knowledge in finding common solutions for various challenges faced by Muslims," said the RI Minister when delivering her statement at the 43rd OIC Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting.

After passing the resolution establishing CG-PCR, the OIC member-states as well as the OIC secretariat will conduct further discussions on the modalities and format of the meeting of the CG-PCR. This is so the modalities and format can ensure that the forum is member-states driven as well as conduct discussions in a focused manner.

In addition to the resolution establishing the CG-PCR, the also passed 114 other resolutions on issues of common interest, whether related to conflicts in various OIC member-states such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen or various thematic issues such as efforts to combat terrorism and radicalism as well as efforts to help Muslim minorities in non-OIC states. (source: kemlu.go.id)