Jalalabad Chamber of Commerce Chairman Interested in Attending the Trade Expo Indonesia 2013


On Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Indonesian Ambassador for Kyrgyzstan H.E. Mohamad Asruchin has met with the Mayor of Jalalabad H.E. Murtabek Arapbaev and Chairman of Jalalabad Chambers of Commerce . Mr. Orozbek Ergeshov to discuss the improving of relations between Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan in the field of trade economics, socio-cultural as well as  the development of political and security situation in Jalalabad post 2010 riots. Ambassador also inivited the Mayor to the 28th Trade Expo Indonesia in Jakarta on 16-20 October 2013 in addition to request of briefing from the Mayor on the political issues related to the development of economic-trade,  social-culture as well as security situation in Jalalabad.


Mayor Arapbaev said that the city of Jalalabad has a population of 103,000 people and is considered as the industrial city since the beginning for it already had  industries such as oil processing as well as stone processing plant for wall decoration purposes. Added that the dominant economic activity currently is characterized by retail trading since because the industry has not bounced back, as can be seen  from the trade activities in a number of markets that are scattered throughout the city of Jalalabad.


Relating to security-political development in the post June of 2010 event, he stated that the current situation and condition is no longer impacted by the events and the city now concentrates on development in all fields. They also knew and are aware taht the cause of the conflict and therefore realize that there is no hostility between the warring parties by then.


Jalalabad Chamber’s Chairman Mr Ergeshov expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Indonesian Ambassador who came directly to the Chamber’s office. He considers Indonesia with the 4th largest population in the world as a very large market share for products from Kyrgyzstan such as walnut and pistachio nuts. If this product for walnut and pistachio nuts into Indonesia has been identified as delivered through Iran, the direct delivery of products from Kyrgyzstan to Indonesia would benefit both parties. Therefore the Chamber of Commerce welcomed the invitation for  participation in the 28th TEI and would immediately follow up.


The Indonesian Ambassador expressed wishes to increase trade cooperation between the two countries through the activities of TEI 2013 especially added with the character of trade economic activity of Jalalabad which dominantly in retail business. He added that TEI exhibition would open Jalalabad businesses community on business opportunities in Indonesia. Specifically the Ambassador inivited the Mayor of Jalalabad to visit Jakarta to see himself Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia in general. Although the majority of Indonesian population are Muslims but they are very tolerant for other faiths. In the professional world, appointments and important positions are not based on race, group or religión, but on merit and competence. It is proposed that the mayor of Jalalabad visit Bali, Yogyakarta and other cities in Indonesia. (Source : Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent)