?Flag Raising Ceremony on the 68th Anniversary Indonesian Independence Day at the Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent


As a series of activities for the 68th Indonesia's Independence Day commemoration, the Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent has conducted a flag-raising ceremony on August 17, 2013 at Wisma led by H E. Ambassador Mohamad Asruchin. The ceremony which was held at  the residence,  was attended by among others  the embassy staff, the Embassy’s Dharma Wanita Persatuan and the Indonesian community including the Indonesian gymnastics troupe who are undergoing training period in Tashkent.


In his speech, the Ambassador delivered a message to the Indonesian community within the working coverage area of the Embassy (Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) to uphold the concept of nationalism, national unity, and continue to work toward the achievement of Indonesia's efforts to build a united, just, democratic and prosperous society and to show the world that real democracy, modernity and religion can co-exist in harmony. It is proved that Indonesia has been successful in uniting hundreds of diverse ethnic groups, in a strong national unity, based on the principle of Unity in Diversity.


The flag-raising ceremony then was followed by the awards handing over and well wish exchanges among  the attendance. Furthermore the Organizing Committee for the activity announced various  prizes for a number of sports that are contested. The main event was the cutting of nasi kuning, a well decorated  cone-shaped rice, followed by a welcoming lunch with the Indonesian people.


The Ceremony which is held every year on August 17, is mainly and intended as an effort to strengthen the nationalism and patriotism spirit, increasing the sense of kinship between people worldwide and at the same time fostering the spirit of the younger generation to continue the ideals of the pioneers of independence in Indonesian society to realize a just, prosperous and prosperous. (Source : Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent, August 17, 2013?)