Uzbek students Performs Indonesian Dance

Students from the Indonesian Language Course at Uzbek State University of World Language, performed Saman dance during The Festival of World Languages ​​and Cultures the Student Visitor Uzbekistan Riveting Language and Culture Festival (23/05/2015).

In addition to the Saman dance from Indonesia, this year’s festival also showed cultural performances by students from 13 other foreign languages ​​departments at the University, among others: Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Malaysian, Dutch, Farsi, Spanish, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Korea and India.

The Saman dance performance by the students from the Indonesian departments was particularly unique because it does not use music like other performances, but the movements followed the vocal chant of the Embassy staff.

The Festival of World Languages ​​and Cultures is an annual event organized by Uzbek State University of World Language as an effort to strengthen relations between the people of Uzbekistan with other countries through arts and culture. (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent)​