Developing the cooperation between RATS-SCO and Indonesian National Agency In Combating Terrorism

Indonesian Ambassador to Uzbekistan H.E. Mohamad Asruchin has met with the Director of the Executive Committee of the Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (RATS-SCO) Mr.Zhang Xinfeng on August 20th, 2013 in Tashkent to exchange ideas, views and as well as information related to the development of political and security situation and conditions in the region nearing the year of 2014.


Ambassador Asruchin further considered SCO as a regional organization that is not only attractive to Western Countries and the U.S., but also to ASEAN, Indonesia in particular. Since Indonesia and SCO share similar interests in the issue of combating terrorism and drug trafficking, the Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent is committed to encourage and facilitate further cooperation between the RATS-SCO and its relevant Indonesian partners.


Indonesia always considers any form of mechanism to develop cooperation with SCO particularly in anticipating the impact of the withdrawal of U.S./NATO forces out of Afghanistan in 2014 against the peace and security of the region. Good relations between Indonesia and all SCO member countries are expected to further intensify the cooperation with SCO, including problem of drug trafficking and smuggling the Indonesian has been facing with the influx of illegal migrants from Iraq, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and countries in the Middle East region.


Mr. Xinfeng said that SCO that was founded 11 years ago specifically focus on security issues. SCO plays an important role in the region and its member countries agreed to fight three threats, namely terrorism, extremism and separatism. SCO is currently focused on the global issues among others the situation in the Middle East and Africa as well as the situation in Afghanistan with its impact on both the world and Central Asian’s security. The Central Asia  has been growing and has increasingly attracted the attention of many other countries since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In addition to six member countries being China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, SCO has 5 observer countries, namely Afghanistan, India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan.


Mr. Xinfeng reminded that his predecessor had visited Jakarta in 2011 and agreed on a draft MOU on Counter-terrorism Cooperation between the RATS-SCO and BNPT as well as between RATS-SCO and the ASEAN Secretariat. He therefore, requested the good offices and assistance from Ambassador Asruchin to facilitate the follow-up of the said MOUs. (Source : Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent)