Business Visa


Length of stay in Indonesia can be given maximum 60 days. Requests for Business Visas are submitted to the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney by filling out the appropriate forms (1 copy for each person) and enclosing:

  1. Passport (still valid at least 6 months from the date of entry) for single entry, and 18 months for multiple entries. Non-passport documents (such as Travel Documents, Certificate of Identity, Emergency Travel Document,and Certificate of Registration etc.) will not be accepted.Check your passport for blank visa page (minimum 3 blank pages should be available). Please be advised that we will return your application and passport if we found there are no blank visa pages on the passport or incomplete application without prior notification.
  2. One recent color Passport photograph.
  3. Letter of recommendation from a sponsor in Indonesia.
  4. Letter of Employment & letter of recommendation from the applicants firms in Australia (stating the duration and the purpose of the Visit as well as responsibility of accommodation/maintenance costs).
  5. Proof of permanent residence for non-Australian Citizen (stay permits). Please be advised that applicant with no proof of PR would be suggested to obtain Indonesian visa from country of origin/country of residency.
  6. For Multiple business visas, please provide approval letter from Immigration Authority in Indonesia. See procedure to seek approval letter.
  7. Proof of a ticket in and out Indonesia, or a ticket to continue travel to another country.
  8. Business visit,which includes the following business activities:
    1. Business activities not engaged as a employee:
      1. to discuss matters in the framework of trade transactions;
      2. to make on-the-spot observations and to discuss trade commodities for the import-export business;
      3. to discuss with Indonesian enterprises/companies matters related to capital or commodity production by overseas enterprises/companies;
      4. to investigate possibilities for merchandising in the framework of capital investment with prospective partners in Indonesia;
      5. to join an international show/exhibition;
      6. to give a lecture or join a non-commercial seminar/conference in social, cultural or governmental fields, with the permission of related agency/institution/department;
      7. to give consultation, guidance, information or training in applying and innovating technology in order to increase the quality or design of products, as well as to further marketing efforts abroad.

    2. Business activities of temporary work:
      1. inspect company branches in Indonesia;
      2. conduct emergency/urgent work;
      3. conduct after-sales services;
      4. install or repair equipment;
      5. give a lecture at a seminar;
      6. do non-permanent construction work;
      7. hold professional sport activities;
      8. do medical activities;
      9. do work on board a ship/floating installation operating in Indonesian waters, territorial seas, a continental shelf installation, or an Indonesian exclusive economic zone;
      10. perform tests on of work instruments/equipment for prospective foreign employees.

    3. ​For a foreign national visiting Indonesia for a specific purpose or objective, a Multiple Journey Visa may be issued.
  1. This visa is given by the Indonesian Consulate to applicants visiting Indonesia for non-working business activities such as conference and business meeting.
  2. To participate in conference/seminar a letter/invitation from the conference host setting out details, including nature, duration and programme of the conference/seminar.
  3. The applicant who wishes to enter the restricted regions (Papua and Poso) must obtain special authorization from Indonesian authorities. Please advised Consulate General about the intention to visit the restricted regions. This rule also applies to those who previously work at the regions and hold immigration permission, e.g. Freeport employees. Application from certain nationals also needs referral. See list of nationals for calling visa .
  4. Visa is issued min 4 (four) working days from receipt of application providing all documents are in order. For visiting restricted regions need more than five working days or after receiving approval from the Immigration Authorities.
  5. Visa Fee for single entry AUS$70.00 and multiple entry AUS$165.00 are non-refundable and may be paid only by EFTPOST, or Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) .
For Visa application by mail, please read carefully:
  1. Visa application by mail should enclose a self stamped and addressed envelope (advisedly using registered mail or platinum registered mail) for Express Mail, DHL or any other service that the applicant deems safe. The Consulates would not be held responsible for application that lost through mail. So make sure you chose the most secured service.
  2. Before you mail the application, please remember that the application must be sent along with the applicant's passport. Consulate General would attach the visa in the passport. No passport, no visa.
  3. Also remember that amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa purposes. Check your passport for blank visa page (minimum 3 blank pages should be available). Please be advised that we will return your application and passport if we found there are no blank visa pages on the passport or incomplete application, without prior notification.
  4. Please remember to address the envelope to:
Immigration Section (Visa)
Indonesian Consulate General Sydney
236-238 Maroubra Road, Maroubra NSW 2035
Visa Fee is not refundable and may be paid only by EFTPOST, or Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) .​.