Student Competition 2014, Indonesian Writing Competition in New South Wales, Australia


?Held at the Department of Education and Community, New South Wales, on September 3, 2014, was a judging of the annual student writing competition 2014 which included participation by 153 students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 10 from 13 schools in New South Wales. The Social-Cultural Department of the Consul Consulate Sydney participated as one of the assessment teams consisting also of the Department of Education and Communities NSW, Australia Indonesia Association (AIA) and the Modern Language Teachers Association of NSW.

The 13 schools in the State of New South Wales of who’s 153 students to participated in the Student Competition 2014 are: Carlton Public School, Claremont College, St. Patricks Primary School, Campsie Public School, Bigga Public School, Parramatta High School, Coonabarabran High School, Pennant Hills Public School, Ryde Secondary College, Burwood Girls High School, Scotts Head Public School, St. Luke's Grammar School, Macarthur Anglican College.

a.    Kindergarten class, themed: "My Friend", the students were asked to draw / paint and write about their best friend.
b.    Year 1-2 themed: "This is My Family", includes writing a simple description of the family.
c.    Year 3-4 themed: "In the Zoo" contains images and simple writing about the zoo.
d.    Year 5-6 themed: "My Favorite Book", making illustrations and written description in Indonesian about their favourite book.
e.    Year 7-8 entitled: "Around My Town", making illustrations in the booklet / digital display in Indonesian about their town.
f.    Year  9-10 themed: "My Ideal Vacation ", making illustrations in a booklet / digital display in Indonesian about a favourite holiday destination.

This student competition is of great interest for to students who undertake Indonesian studies in the state of New South Wales. By following the Student Competition, the students can measure their ability to master the study of Indonesian.

This program that is held annually by the Ministry of Education and the Communities of New South Wales to increase the interest of students studying Indonesian. In 2013, the number of students participating in the Student Competition was 119 students from 9 schools and in 2012, there were 129 students from 13 schools. Participating school students were issued an Award Certificate from the Consulate General in Sydney. Winners of each section receive a prize, funded by the AIA.