Indonesia ‘Pelangi’ School Language Award Campbelltown, Sydney


?Ending the learning program for 2014, on Saturday, December 13th, 2014, the Indonesia Pelangi School (SIP) Campbelltown, Sydney initiated the event of delivering a certificate of appreciation to the school students who excelled in the Indonesian program at the school. Approximately 15 students witnessed the teachers and parents receive a certificate of appreciation from both SIP and of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (Consulate) Sydney, which is represented by the Consul General of Sydney, Dr. Yayan Mulyana who participated in the event.

Dr Yayan Mulyana in his speech sent his great appreciations to SIP for its eagerness to teach Indonesian language and culture to students, descendants of the people of Indonesia and also the people of other communities in New South Wales. Learning Indonesian in SIP is expected to contribute to the preservation of Indonesian in Australia.

The Indonesian ‘Pelangi’ School was formed in early 2012, as part of a community language teaching school which organises learning activities on Saturdays, and is often referred to as Saturday School. The formation of this Saturday School is an initiative of the Government of the State of NSW, Australia to preserve the use of the mother tongue among the younger generations throughout multicultural communities in Australia’s most diverse and populous state.

Until 2014, Indonesia Pelangi School Campbeltown has taught English and Indonesian culture to more than 85 Indonesian students who are no longer in pronounced Indonesian relationships both at home and outside the home, and also to students from various communities other than Indonesia in NSW. The students are from regular schools in NSW, where language lessons are not taught in their respective schools. In addition to teaching Indonesian, the school also teaches students to play angklung, Indonesia’s local cultural dances such as Bali, Minang, Java, as well as a variety of Indonesian children's songs such as "“topi saya bundar, pelangi-pelangi”, etc. So do not be surprised if you find children of other communities in NSW communities who are able to speak and play a musical instrument or dance Indonesian culture as learned at the Indonesia Pelangi School.

The Principal of the Indonesia Pelangi School, Epy Djulianti expressed the hope that in 2015, the Indonesia Pelangi School can extend a language learning and culture of Indonesia to other areas such as Wollongong in NSW and Maroubra, so it can accommodate as many people from Indonesia and other communities to learn the language and culture of Indonesia at the school.

Learning the language and culture of Indonesia is also part of the Consulate General in Sydney’s program, that actively promotes people to people ties with Australia through learning language and culture of the native community.

Sender: Pensosbud Consulate Sydney