Halal Bihalal and Minang Saiyo Awards Night, New South Wales


?To strengthen the brotherhood and braided ties of friendship among the Indonesian people especially those from Minangkabau, on August 24, 2014, at the Riverwood Senior Citizen's Centre of New South Wales (NSW), Minang Saiyo NSW organized the event, Halal Bi Halal and Awards Night attended by the Indonesian society, Australia community and those of Minangkabau origin in New South Wales.

The event opened with the distinctive Minangkabau Dance Guest reception and was welcomed by the Act. Sydney Consul General, Nicolas Manoppo who gave his wishes for Lebaran and added that the NSW Saiyo Minang activities not only contribute to the efforts of the Consulate in uniting the people of Indonesia, especially the Minangkabau people but also the activities of Minang Saiyo support the harmonization of public multiculturalism in the State of New South Wales, Australia.

Mr. Amri Yusra, Chairman of the Board of Minang Saiyo, awarded certificates to the senior and former chairman, young achievers of the Saiyo Minang society including Minang Saiyo Tigers football team that have succeeded in winning the Indosas Football League, as well as children from the community who have completed higher education studies in New South Wales.

The event celebrated with dances and demonstrations of Pencak Silat West Sumatra by the Suara Indonesia cultural group and an appearance by The Rhythm Hunter art team from Newcastle, NSW who eloquently brought folk songs and dances typical Minangkabau which wowed the audience, especially the residents of Australia.

Source: Information, Social and Cultural Section, Indonesian Consulate-General Sydney