Consul General to Indonesian class: Language is the Bridge to Indonesia and Australia Relations

Tuesday morning (27.02.18), during the fourth Indonesian language lesson of the year at the Indonesian Consulate General Building in Maroubra, the newly arrived Consul General, Heru Hartanto Subolo, who landed in Sydney and commenced work last Friday (23.02.18), paid an impromptu visit to the class to express his support and appreciation toward the participants for taking the time to learn Indonesian language, as well as to the teacher who teaches the class on a voluntary basis.

“Language is the bridge to relations between our two countries”, expressed Consul General Subolo to the class. “Through learning the language of another country we have deeper access into that countries culture, which in turn allows closer relations with the people”, he continued. Consul General Subolo stayed for several more minutes engaging in friendly chat with the members, in Indonesian language.

The weekly Indonesian class runs every Tuesday from 11am – 12:30pm at the Indonesian Consulate General Building in Maroubra. It is taught by an Indonesian lady, Erna Tan who is more than 80 years old and had a career in teaching both Indonesian and English language at a University level. The class is aimed at adults to offer them a space to study Indonesian language and is currently attended by 12 Australians on a regular basis.

The class has been running for three years and is supported by the Indonesian Government as a free language class for Australians and anyone else who is interested in learning Indonesian language. It falls in line with the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney’s priority program, which includes promoting the learning and teaching of Indonesian language and culture in Australia, particularly across the Consulate Generals three working states of NSW, Queensland and South Australia.

One such program consists of Consulate Officials visiting various schools across the three states and arranging a once-off dance or cultural workshop and possible culinary class, as part of “Indonesia Day” at the school. Consul General Subolo came up with the idea to capitalize on the current technological era by creating a Skype session with a compatible school in Indonesia during such a program, as a way of further developing the bilateral relationship through education and learning from one another.

Sydney, 27 February 2018

Team Media

KJRI Sydney