On January 11, 2011, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia A. Chandra Salim accompanied by the Economic MC held a visit to the place of bamboo handicraft training to see the implementation of training programs organized by the Embassy in Suva in collaboration with the Integrated Human Resources Development Programmed (IHRDP) and Fiji Ministry of National Planning; The training program was started from December 2010 until the end of January 2011. The trainees consisted of 15 people Nawaqabena rural communities, on the outskirts of Suva who are poor but many have not utilized the bamboo tree. In accordance with the established training program, in January of this training into the more difficult stages, namely the technique makes furniture from bamboo material. Before conducting the practice of making frunitur has given the theory starting from the identification of species of bamboo are suitable for making furniture to stringing techniques for making solid. During the visit, can be seen directly trainees to make furniture, and gained the impression that the mastery of technique makes furniture from bamboo material is sufficient, as seen from the results of his work in the form of a table of bamboo materials; According to the plan, together with Dharma Wanita Embassy Embassy Suva Suva and bamboo handicraft training participants, will participate in the exhibition of products for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs, held by the Westpac Bank on January 22, 2011 in Garden City, Suva. At the exhibition will be introduced to various types of Indonesian food. While the craft trainees will exhibit and sell their works of handicraft products and furniture, on the occasion, will be making bamboo handicraft demonstration by trainees who are guided by expert trainers from Indonesia. At the same exhibition last month, Indonesia stands to get a positive response from visitors and quite a lot of products on display were sold, so this adds to the spirit of the trainees to be more active to make a variety of craft products.